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Our Mission

Keith y Sharon Doster

Most of us take our hearing for granted. We seldom think about it. So when we meet a deaf person, it is difficult for us as hearing people to grasp their plight. Outwardly, the Deaf don’t appear to be handicapped. We tend to think their condition is a rather minor inconvenience easily remedied by hearing aids, reading lips, and watching Closed Captioned TV programs.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The inability to communicate wit family, friends, or even one’s own parents is a devastating handicap. And for the Deaf of Mexico, their troubles are much worse than here in the States. There are almost no services available to the Deaf. Very few Deaf schools. Almost no interpreters. And precious little access to the Bible in a land where the Gospel is scarce even among the hearing.

God has raised up Grace Deaf Missions to address this specific problem. For about 10 years, the Lord has been moving in the hearts of a number of individuals to take the Good News to an unreached people who are incapable of hearing it. The Deaf of Mexico must see the Gospel, clearly explained, and communicated through Mexican Sign Language. (No, there is no universal sign language!)

The goal of Grace Deaf Missions is the same as that of the New Testament apostles: To take the Gospel where it has never been preached in order to establish churches among new believers. To fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus, the Deaf must “hear” the preaching of the Gospel message. That can only be accomplished through Mexican Sign Language.

By God’s enabling grace, we have established a work in Leon (Guanajuato) through which both hearing and deaf people can learn Mexican Sign Language. The biblical Gospel is being clearly communicated to the Mexican Deaf community through regularly scheduled evangelistic events. We are trusting God to enable us to eventually establish Deaf churches. There is even the possibility of creating schools for the Deaf so they might be given a basic Christian-oriented education. And we hope to one day develop a missionary training program in order to provide more workers in the harvest field of the Deaf.

The possibilities are huge. The need is immense. The work is intense. But God is able.

We invite you to join us in this exciting new work.