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About Our Ministry

This year we made three trips to Mexico and attended a missions conference at North Greenville University in South Carolina. Grace Deaf Missions also welcomed Omar Vazquez of Mexico City as our assistant director. He has been a great blessing to us. We also received, and then sold, a small bus and sent the proceeds to Jesus, La Vid Verdadera Presbyterian Church to purchase a vehicle that will be used to transport Deaf children to school three nights a week. It will also be used to transport Deaf adults to our meetings which are scheduled approximately every two months.

Our next conference, February 21-23, will incorporate some significant changes. Pastor Plata’s church plans to rent a facility in the center of León. That is where many Deaf people congregate every Friday night. Transportation is a major obstacle to people attending our meetings. So we will have the meetings closer to familiar territory for them. Pastor Plata also hopes to purchase a vehicle before February as well. These two changes should result in increased numbers. Pray that it does.

Finally, we made the decision to bring our missionary, Robert Morgret, back to the United States from León. Due to situations that were very difficult to deal with because of distance and deafness, and because a deaf American in Mexico is a particularly easy target for evil people, we felt it best to have Robert join us here. Pray for us as we seek to discern how the Lord might continue to use Robert in this important work.

Map of Leon, MexicoMany, many thanks to the Lord for all of you who have helped us through this exploratory year of Deaf missions. It has been challenging, encouraging, tiring, bewildering, sometimes discouraging, hope-filled, and a great blessing to serve the Lord in this way. As we look ahead to 2014, may the Lord continue to bless you and us as we work together to take the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who cannot hear it.

Grace and peace,

Keith and Sharon Doster for the entire Grace Deaf Missions team.

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